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Step by Step Istimara Renewal in Qatar

Dok.Pribadi: Technical Inspection Queue in Dukhan

JQ Readers…

Through this article I would like to share with you about the process of istimara renewal in Qatar based on my personal experience.

What is Istimara?

Istimara is an arabic language for Vehicles or Motorbike registration. In Indonesia, We call it STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan). Istimara in Qatar is valid for one year period of time. One month earlier, We usually get reminder notification via SMS if our mobile number have been registered in Metrash system.

To be renewed, our vehicles must be FIT or HEALTHY. As I know, if our vehicles model are less than 4 years, so we can go directly to Traffic Police Office (Murur) without Certificate of Technical Inspection. We just go to Murur and bring our old istimara, vehicles insurance and Visa Card. But if our vehicles model have already more than 4 years, We need to bring our car to have Technical Inspection. For example, now is year 2012, if your vehicles is 2008 model so your vehicles must have Technical Inspection process.

Where are the location of Murrur in Qatar? (more…)

Arabic Traffic Sign: No Entry for All Vehicles


dok.pribadi: STOP signboard

Don’t try to enter this area!

Arabic Traffic Sign: Emergency Vehicles Only

emergency vehicles onlyAre you driving emergency vehicles? If yes, please access this way.

Arabic Traffic Sign: Parking Sign

parking sign

You may you park your vehicles here.

Arabic Traffic Sign: Direction to Exit

exit sign

Please follow this direction to exit.

Arabic Traffic Sign: Beware of Pedestrian Crossing


Be aware of pedestrian crossing ahead!

Arabic Traffic Sign: No Parking

no parking sign

Don’t park your vehicles here!

Arabic Traffic Sign: Follow This Direction


Follow this direction please!

Arabic Traffic Sign: Bus Stop


Wait your bus here please!

Bukan Supir Ambulance Biasa

by Sugeng Bralink

Mendengar kata supir, apa yang ada dalam pikiran kita mengarah pada sebuah pekerjaan mengemudi kendaraan. Baik menyetir kendaraan pribadi atau umum. Menyetir kendaraan pribadi mungkin merupakan hal biasa bagi kebanyakan orang. Bagaimana dengan mengendarai ambulance?


Arabic Traffic Sign: Secondary Road from Left

secondary road from left side

Aware of traffic from left side ahead.