Dok.Pribadi: Technical Inspection Queue in Dukhan

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Through this article I would like to share with you about the process of istimara renewal in Qatar based on my personal experience.

What is Istimara?

Istimara is an arabic language for Vehicles or Motorbike registration. In Indonesia, We call it STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan). Istimara in Qatar is valid for one year period of time. One month earlier, We usually get reminder notification via SMS if our mobile number have been registered in Metrash system.

To be renewed, our vehicles must be FIT or HEALTHY. As I know, if our vehicles model are less than 4 years, so we can go directly to Traffic Police Office (Murur) without Certificate of Technical Inspection. We just go to Murur and bring our old istimara, vehicles insurance and Visa Card. But if our vehicles model have already more than 4 years, We need to bring our car to have Technical Inspection. For example, now is year 2012, if your vehicles is 2008 model so your vehicles must have Technical Inspection process.

Where are the location of Murrur in Qatar?

You may go to Madina Khalifa, Near Airport area, Rayyan or other places.

Where to go to do Technical Inspection?

In Qatar, there are some places to go to conduct technical inspection for our vehicles. Here is the list: Industrial area, Wakrah, Shahaniya, Al Khor and Dukhan. Most of the places are in daily basis excep Dukhan and Shahaniya. Especially in Dukhan, Its only 4 times a year. Its been scheduled on March, June, September and December every year. Its usually in the middle of the month or the end of the month.

How much the cost of Technical Inspection?

To have a complete process of technical inspection, you just pay 75 QAR cash on the spot. During the day of technical inspection, you have to come early morning in order to have early queue. Otherwise you will be in the last line and will take bath with sweat under the sun.

How long the process of Technical Inspection?

As My experience during My vehicle technical inspection in Dukhan recently, It takes only 10-15 minutes. The inspector check the body of vehicles including body, lights, emission, service brake and tint/film glass. After finished, we will get inspection report that contains vehicle’s details, technical evaluation result and legal requirements result. If both technical and legal requirements are PASSED, we just go to murrur to renew our istimara with vehicle insurance certificate.

Where do we can get Vehicle Insurance Payment?

There are some choices of vehicles insurance in Qatar. The simply thing, you just go directly to Murrur in Madina Khalifa and you can find some insurance companies there. You may find in some locations in the city of Doha. Or you may pay through online via website.

How long the validity of Inspection report?

The validity of technical inspection report is one month calendar.

How much the cost of istimara renewal?

To renew our istimara, we just pay 100 QAR in Murrur via Visa Card. Either using Credit or Debit card.

Hope this article may help you a lot. Hope this article can guide you during the time of istimara renewal.

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Dukhan, 27 September 2012

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