The National Sports Festival 2014 will be an exceptional event, running in Aspire Zone over two days. Under the sponsorship of AlMana Group, Aspire Zone Foundation will be hosting Lighting The Torch Doha on the 10th of February at 5pm. Famous sports celebrities will join in cycling to generate human power that will light up The Torch Doha, the tallest building in Qatar. 
The activities of Tuesday the 11th of February 2014 will include a 4 km Fun Run, Aspire Active Family Boot Camp, The 5000 Steps Journey, and many more.

25 partner organizations will be using Aspire Zone facilities to create an active, fun and rewarding experience during the National Sports Festival 2014.

The Festival will bring members of the community with Aspire Zone Foundation personnel and their families together with key partners to celebrate sports. Do not miss it!  []

Winter is going on in Qatar now! The weather even not so cold, but may make us lazy to walk out from home. On February 11, 2014 Qatar will celebrate annual Sport Day Event. It is best time for us here in Qatar to beat the cold and lets warm up our bodies!

There are so many sport events will be held across the country. According to official website of Sportday Qatar, there will be 185 event during the celebration day.

Here are some sport activities that will make you enjoy Qatar National Sport Day 2014:

1. Lighting up the torch @AspireZone @10Feb2014 @16.00-18.00

2. Ministry of Energy and Industry Event @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @07.00-14.00

3. Qatar Flag Football @@AspireZone @11Feb2014 @08.00-16.00

4. Aspire Active & Rasgas Exclusive Program @AspireZone @10Feb2014 @08.00-10.30

5. Football Matches for All @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @08.00-17.00

6. The General Retirement & Insurance Authority Special Program @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @08.30-14.00

7. Football Fun @AspireZone @09.00-12.30

8. Aspire Active Family Boot Camp @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @09.00-12.00

9. Fun Run @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @09.00-13.00

10. The Cycling Day @AspireZone @09.00-13.00

11. Beach Volleyball For All @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @09.00-17.00

12. Sports Festival and Exhibition Matches for All @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @09.00-18.00

13. Learn Your Sports: Multisport skill development & foundation year programmes @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @10.00-16.00

14. Performance & Science: The Learning Lab @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @10.00-16.00

15. Beach Volleyball [Male Only] @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @10.00-16.00

16. Performance & Science, The Football Lab @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @12.00-16.00

17. Life Development for Kids @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @13.00-16.30

18. The 5000 Steps Journey @AspireZone @11Feb2014 @13.30-16.00

19. Walk Race For All @Corniche @11Feb2014 @07.00-17.30

20. Al Shawahef Rowing Championship @Corniche @11Feb2014 @07.00-17.00

21. Weightlifting & Powerlifting @Corniche @11Feb2014 @08.00-12.00

22. Sports Walk @Corniche @11Feb2014 @08.30-09.30

23. Sailing Race @Corniche @11Feb2014 @09.00-13.00

24. Beach Volleyball @Katara @11Feb2014 @09.00-17.00

25. Cycling Festival @Katara @11Feb2014 @08.00-20.00

26. Sport family activities @Katara @11Feb2014 @09.00-17.00

27. Table Tennis @Katara @11Feb2014 @09.00-21.00

28. Water Polo @Katara @11Feb2014 @11.00-16.00

29. Dolphin Energy Doha Dash @LosailCircuit @11Feb2014 @08.00-14.00

30. Traditional games- Self-defense show- Football, Basketball, Beach Volleyball- Public walk- Water sport competitions, (Indoor Hall)- Indoor Hall Activities @BarzanOlympicPark @11Feb2014 @11.00-17.30

31. Rowing Championship @Corniche @11Feb2014 @07.00-17.00

32. Game on Qatar! with Ooredoo @MIApark @11Feb2014 @08.00-18.00

33. Tennis for All @Katara @11Feb2014 @10.00-16.00

34. Basketball 3 on 3 @Katara @11Feb2014 @10.00-22.00