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Koordinat Penting!

Berikut ini beberapa koordinat penting:

Wisma Duta KBRI DOHA
25°19’54”N, 51°31’4”E
(N25.33167 E51.51778)

25°15’59”N, 51°30’29”E

Doha Transport for Hajj and Umrah
25°16’32”N, 51°31’35”E
(N25.27556 E51.52639)

Al Furqon for Hajj & Umrah
25°16’47”N, 51°31’5”E

Jakarta Restaurant (Bu Tami)
25°16’56”N, 51°30’53”E

Minang Indonesia Restaurant
25°16’52”N, 51°31’55”E

Central Restaurant
25°16’46”N, 51°32’50”E

Nusantara Restaurant
25°12’51”N, 51°34’56”E

Griyo Solo Restaurant
25°10’16”N, 51°35’52”E

Hamad International Airport
25°15’33”N, 51°36’51”E

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