Source: | Qatar menjadi surganya event-event bertaraf Internasional. Tiap tahun selalu ada saja event-event berkelas dunia. Utamanya olahraga dan pameran.

Di akhir 2015, Qatar akan menyelanggarakan Energy World Qatar 2015. Pameran ini akan bertempat di gedung baru Doha Exhibition Convention Center yang baru selesai pembangunannya. Lokasi gedung ini tepat di belakang City Center.

Jika anda berminat mengunjungi pameran Energy World Qatar 2015, silahkan daftarkan diri anda DISINI.

Energy World Qatar 2015
19-28 November

Open to the public:
Weekdays 5pm – 10pm
Fridays 2pm – 10pm
Saturdays 10am – 10pm

The Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, next to City Centre Mall, West Bay, Doha

Sekilas tentang Energy World Qatar 2015 yang dikutip dari website resminya. 

What is Energy World Qatar 2015

Energy World Qatar is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in all aspects of life; and an initiator of interest, understanding, enthusiasm, and engagement in science among the young people of Qatar in a fun way.

Energy World Qatar is an interactive experience that tells the story of Energy and Innovation. It shows the benefits of energy, demonstrates how it enables every aspect of our lives, and highlights the national and global energy challenges we are facing, while presenting innovative solutions.

Energy World Qatar through its various exhibits and activities aims to inspire young people in Qatar to embrace STEM skills in order to become the scientists, engineers, technologists, innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Why bring the Energy World to Qatar

Energy World Qatar 2015 is brought to Qatar by long-term partners, Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Shell in association with the Qatar Tourism Authority in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Energy World Qatar is a national event that encourages the young people in Qatar to be part of building a prosperous future for the county, through innovative thought and actions enabled by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills.
It stimulates interest and inspires students in Qatar to want to learn more about STEM to help increase the number of students who are pursuing STEM subjects in higher education.

Energy World Qatar Activities – ‘Join the Energy Generation!’

Energy World Qatar is an edutainment and interactive adventure for families, taking people of all ages (parents, children, students) on a journey into the future of energy, technology and mobility. It provides a hands-on encounter and experience to create greater awareness of energy and its challenges, stimulate creative thinking and innovation amongst the participants to find solutions to meet those challenges.

Energy World Qatar includes several interactive exhibits (activity zones) that embrace the proven concept of ‘learn through play’ to inspire curiosity, impart knowledge and inspire action. The activities will help inspire young people in Qatar to ‘Join the Energy Generation’ and discover their identity as an Inventor, Designer, Engineer, Connector, or Adventurer.